Scuba Planker!

A few years ago my friend Hollis posted, as part of her “Afloat” art series, a story about how she got the nickname Scuba Planker. Check it out here. I thought the name “Scuba Planker” would make the basis of a cool drum chant, to be performed as an exhortation by fellow gym rats while she’s doing her plank exercises.

Here’s the notation:


  1. First of all, I am so flattered you made up a drumming piece for my name “Scuba Planker!”

    I am going to tell you something I forgot to mention in my blog. A drummer, Daniel Shewbridge, who was also my trainer at the gym at the time, who is well established as a pretty well-known musician, was the one to come up with this name. So you are definitely in sync with the drumming collective unconscious!

    I never thought that this name would resonate with drummers and musicians everywhere! It is my visual bend, that blinds me to music and words that have music in them. I am fascinated by your piece! Thank you Tom. You are a talented person who happens to be a good friend! Lucky me!

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