Mar 042014

I had the pleasure of seeing Carla Bley and Steve Swallow play live a number of years ago at Emory University’s Cannon Chapel. Here they are doing her classic hilarious song “Very, Very Simple.” This originally appeared on her big band recording I Hate To Sing.

And here they are doing Bley’s wonderful lush tune, “Lawns”:

If you can read lead sheets and want to learn to play “Lawns,” you’re in luck. You can download the music here.

Nov 282013

My friend Hollis Hildebrand-Mills recently posted, as part of her “Afloat” art series, a story about how she got the nickname Scuba Planker. Check it out here. I thought the name “Scuba Planker” would make the basis of a cool drum chant, to be performed as an exhortation by fellow gym rats while she’s doing her plank exercises.

Here’s the notation:

Aug 312013

Donald Fagen explains how his tune “Peg” works, with Warren Bernhardt. A plagal cadence never sounded so good.

Wow, great stuff — I agree with the YouTube commenter who said, “I’d like to see these interviews for the entire Steely Dan catalog.”