Aug 312013

Donald Fagen explains how his tune “Peg” works, with Warren Bernhardt. A plagal cadence never sounded so good.

Wow, great stuff — I agree with the YouTube commenter who said, “I’d like to see these interviews for the entire Steely Dan catalog.”

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  1. I really was impressed by Donald Fagen’s knowledge of music. I have always been a fan of Steely Dan and always knew how complex their music is. I guess the reason, as with art (I am a big fan of those who believe in art training as opposed to “self-taught.”) is, the guy has solid musical training behind him and it was such a pleasure to see/hear him explain it.

    Thank you, Tom for posting this. I am going to sign up on an email- informing me basis so I can regularly see your blog. Hollis Hildebrand-Mills

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