Jul 282013

I’ve enjoyed playing around with the Surreal Essay Generator on this site, and it occurred to me today that it would be fun to put some of the bizarre verbiage it generates into the mouths of animated characters. Xtranormal is on hiatus, but I came across GoAnimate.com, which is similar (and has a free version). Here’s the result:

An inexorably hypnotic cummerbund by MildPanic on GoAnimate

Here’s the dialog the characters are speaking:

Julie: The constellation indicates that the light bulb borrows money from the exceedingly twisted detective.

Brian: A poopdeck alongside the bartender, a bitterly frozen trout, and a graduated cylinder are all the cowboy needs.

J: The petulant crescent wrench ruminates, and the bullfrog next to the corporal sternly lectures the geosynchronous peppercorn.

B: If the bail bondsman with a grand piano dismantles a tripod near a stunning bullfrog, then the rotund manicurist slips into a dream.

J: The ravishing phlebotomist furtively sniffs an apartment building.

B: The trout wearing a chemise slyly caricatures the bartender.

J: Whether a court reporter levitates a light bulb is immaterial, but remember how helplessly a treacherous fiduciary laughs out loud.

B: A professor starts reminiscing about lost glory, and a stealthily fried bail bondsman voraciously ignores the armrest.

J: If a soup tureen negotiates a prenuptial agreement with a dolphin, then a hydrogen atom considers the plight of the dragonfly.

B: The luminous pork chop gives secret financial aid to a wild squid. The gamely expedient jersey cow dances with the bail bondsman as the frothing dolphin takes a coffee break.

Just another typical day in the office!

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